Company Profile

Who are we, and why should you choose the TEXAS ACP?

The program staff has been working with Alternative Certification Interns since 1993!  We are not new at helping teachers obtain their certification.  The program is designed and implemented by former university professors.  These individuals have also served as educational consultants, educational program coordinators, grant writers, and private and public school teachers, counselors, principals, and main office administrators.  We are not business people or attorneys.   We are Texas certified educators! 


Our goal is to provide quality service at a reasonable cost in order to accommodate the needs of the community, school districts, and program participants.  We are very happy to have certified over 2,500 individuals since we opened our doors!


Why choose the TEXAS ACP:


  • We will train and support teacher candidates and interns ANYWHERE IN THE STATE OF TEXAS!

  • No hidden fees. Some  programs make you pay for hidden costs, such as mentor and supervisor fees, once you begin your internship.

  • Our program director has been working with ACP students since 1993!

  • No books or supplies needed.

  • No additional college classes to take or tuition to pay.

  • 100 % interactive, real time training by experienced certified educators with advanced degrees. 

  • 24/7 Training On Demand is available to meet your schedule.

  • We conduct seminars to help you get hired. 

  • NO APPLICATION FEE.                                                                    

  • NO EVALUATION FEE  for doing a transcript evaluation.

  • We work with ALL Texas school districts, charter and private schools.  We encourage you to apply to as many districts as possible to increase the likelihood of being hired.

  • No additional charges for specific certification areas such as Special Education or Bilingual.

  • We conduct continuing professional development throughout the year.

  • We offer personalized, professional services!  We are at your service! 


We Are...



  • CUSTOMER SERVICE ORIENTED, ...where our clients come first! 


  • DEPENDABLE, you can count on us to help you get across the finish line!  We have been, and will be there, when you need assistance.

  • COMMITTED, ...and passionate about what we do, as evidenced by the 2,500+ students we have helped to certify since 2002. 

  • COST EFFICIENT, ...where our program costs are among the lowest across the State.    

  • YOUR TEAM, ...who works together to ensure that you have a seamless certification experience. 


Most of our business is a result of client referral!  We thank you in advance!